KBRS launches Candidate Care Program

From Business Voice, June 1st, 2018:
By Carol Dobson

The search for a new position involves a great deal of stress especially on behalf of the searcher. One of the hardest parts is waiting to find out where in the search process the person is after they have reached out to a potential employer or search firm.  Being kept in the communication loop helps eliminate at least part of that stress.

KBRS (Knightsbridge Robertson Surette), which specializes in searches for mid-level professionals and above, has developed a new program to ensure that prospective candidates are kept informed as the search process develops.

“We’ve been working on our ‘Candidate Care’ program or the past year and we’re ready to launch it,” Jeff Forbes, KBRS’ President and Managing Partner, says.  “It involves looking at the process differently and making sure the candidates feel comfortable during the recruitment process.”

When a candidate has been selected to move on to the interview process with a client, their consultant works with them to ensure they are well prepared to put their best foot forward.  That includes telephone calls to establish a personal relationship with the candidate, regular emails to keep them in the loop so they know what is going to happen next, tip sheets to help the candidate prepare for the type of interview they will have, and, after the interview, updates as to whether or not the candidate will be hired.

“We surveyed hundreds of past clients to determine their experience with our company,” he says. “We want our candidates to feel comfortable in dealing with us.”

The feedback KBRS received has been incorporated in the new program so the consultants are aware of how they are meeting the needs not just of the clients who are using the company to fill positions but also those who have put their names forward as potential employees.

“The ‘Candidate Care’ program was developed in house and all of our staff, not just our consultants, were involved in its creation,” he says.  “We want to be the best in the business when it comes to providing services to our clients and our candidates.”