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What Do You Love About Your Job?

Every day won’t be perfect — it isn’t at any job. But if you’re in the right role with the right company, you should be able to share a list of what you love about what you do.

Every year at Meridia Recruitment Solutions, we create hundreds of matches between top talent and employers. We have earned the trust of leading organizations across North America to help them build their teams. This is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

We love what we do, so we asked our team of recruitment professionals “What do you love about your job?

Positively impacting people’s lives

“The right job truly can change someone’s life. As recruitment professionals, we have the opportunity to play a role in this happening for a candidate, and that is definitely a good reason to get up in the morning.”
Katherine Risley, Partner, Engineering, Construction & Operations Recruitment

“When you really understand a professional’s interests, goals, and aspirations and are able to find a match with an employer’s needs, is a great feeling.”
Thomas Pugh, Recruitment Consultant, Architecture

“Sometimes it’s the first time a candidate has interviewed in 15 years. I like providing the advice they need to make sure the best version of themselves really shines through.” 
Austin McLennan, Consultant, Engineering, Construction & Operations Recruitment

“I love meeting new people. I love the excitement on the other end of the phone when I call to tell them they got the job.” 
Heather Labucki, Partner, Finance & Accounting Recruitment


Solving problems

“I love a challenge, like finding exactly the right person for a  really hard to fill role. Our job is all about creating positive change for companies and people.”
Natalie Hand, Partner, Newfoundland & Labrador Recruitment

“I enjoy meeting with organizations to find their pain points and helping them identify and recruit the talent they need to continue to be prosperous in the future.”
Adam Creaghan, Senior Consultant, Accounting, Finance & Technology Recruitment


Helping organizations grow

“I love being able to offer employers insights into labour market trends and realities so they can create effective strategies to attract and retain the talent they need to grow their organizations.” 
Jamie Grant, IT Recruitment

“Staying up to speed on emerging skill sets as well as what skills will be in demand in the future is really interesting, but it’s even better when we can take those insights and work with clients to develop strategies to attract game changing talent to their organization.”
Adam Creaghan, Senior Consultant, Accounting, Finance & Technology Recruitment

“We get to meet fascinating people and learn about a wide variety of organizations, innovations and market trends. We have the skills and expertise to help people and organizations in a way that has tremendous personal and organizational impact. “
Kevin Stoddart, Managing Partner

Meridia’s approach is informed by more than 40 years of success in recruitment. Technology, brands and products are all important but success hinges on the ability to find, recruit and retain really talented people ... and that’s what we love to do.


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