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Manager, Fleet & QuarterMaster
Reference # AC-14106

Meridia Recruitment Solutions has partnered with our client, Durham Regional Police Service, to recruit a Manager, Fleet & Quartermaster.


Role Description:


Reporting to the Director, Business Services, the Manager, Fleet & Quartermaster oversees the operations of both Fleet Services and Quartermaster Stores, including over 60 separate external service and material purchase contracts in order to provide the necessary level of service at the minimum cost. This position is primarily responsible for ensuring that:

  • Vehicles are provided, maintained and replaced to meet operational needs safely at the lowest lifetime cost.
  • Replacement uniform and equipment items required by members are ordered and received within reasonable timelines;
  • Collision repairs are completed effectively to meet all the requirements of the Regional Insurance Plan and Reserve Fund;
  • The quality of workmanship and materials by out-source vendors meet standards established by the DRP;
  • Promptly resolve stakeholder concerns as they relate to uniforms and equipment issued and Fleet Services issues including updates on Media One regarding the issues

Your Responsibilities will include:

  • Purchasing and Contract Management Fleet and QM
  • Creating Tenders, Requests for Quotation (RFQ), and Requests for Proposal (RFP) for the supply of goods and services for both Fleet Services and Quartermaster purchases of products and services, including the establishment of both the terms and conditions.
  • Ensuring that all Fleet and Quartermaster suppliers are conforming to contractual obligations and conforming to uniform personnel equipment Collective Bargaining Agreement entitlements
  • Provide contract oversight and ensure corrective actions are taken as may be required.
    Responsibilities include budget preparation and contract oversight for the helicopter contract.

  • Tows and Impounds
  • Oversee the Regional Tow Tender and vendor contract performance as well as the vehicle impound function.
  • Ensure vendor compliance to the terms and conditions of the DRPS tow agreement
  • Take necessary actions to ensure vendor compliance.
  • Oversee and manage tow vendor activity audits.

  • Fleet Management
  • Manage and direct vehicle mechanical and emergency electronics repairs for over 380 fleet vehicles at    local outsourced mechanical repair and body shop locations plus an in- house mechanical shop, including:
  • Providing service and repair direction and advice for vehicle repairs;
    Ensuring that DRP vehicles receive priority service and are not subject to periods of unavailability;
  • Negotiating labour rates directly with owners and managers;
  • Monitoring quality of workmanship and parts;
  • Maintaining working relationships with vehicle manufacturers field service operations managers to provide feedback and obtain direct manufacturers assistance on product issues. This enables the DRP to receive factory policy (warranty) coverage for vehicles that are no longer in the manufacturers specified warranty period, thus saving the DRP significant repair expenses
  • Managing, coordinating, and overseeing the removal and re-installation of Police emergency equipment on all new and replacement vehicles, including the testing of all emergency equipment such as radio equipment prior to the vehicles placement into service
  • Ensuring vendor compliance to terms and conditions of the repair contract.
  • Ability to establish terms and conditions and contract documents for vendor responses.
  • Monitor and manage vendor activities to ensure compliance.
  • Inventory Management
    Oversee just-in-time uniform and equipment process to balance delivery time with minimal inventory on hand.
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Providing the DRPS Senior Leadership with fleet advice, guidance, and recommendations on fleet and equipment issues; including life-cycle replacement schedules; vehicle maintenance and service schedules, new equipment and lease versus buy decisions.
  • Maintaining effective communications and relationships with members of the DRPS executive on Fleet and Uniform and Equipment issues as well as employee related issues
  • Monitoring and understanding trends in new vehicles and equipment
  • Researching, and recommending articles of clothing and equipment and officer safety items for use by DRP uniform personnel, in concert with members of the Joint Equipment Committee
  • Creating and reviewing Police Service Directives for Fleet Services and Uniforms and Equipment.
  • Pursuing improvement in vehicle energy efficiency balanced with cost and safety
  • Actively participate in a leadership role with buying groups such as the Police Cooperative Purchasing Group and others.
  • Create, lead, and assist internal user groups to create both vehicle specifications and custom body specifications for specialty vehicle designs. Create the request for proposal documents. Issue the documents. Receive the documents and make the required recommended award(s) based on the     conforming documents.
  • Financial Planning and Spending Control
  • Prepare and maintain long term capital acquisition plans and policies for vehicles and major equipment items such as ballistic vests.
  • Authorize vehicle maintenance and accident repair expenses such as the value of a surplus vehicle at dealer-only or public auctions, mechanical repair budget, accident repair/replacement budget, etc.
  • Establishing specifications, setting terms and conditions, and awarding of lease contracts
  • Establishing replacement guidelines and identifying the annual vehicles subject to replacement
  • Ensuring invoice accuracy and the resolution of invoice issues or inaccuracies with vendors prior to their submission to Financial Services for payment
  • Ensuring that uniform and equipment and fleet services capital and operating budgets are maintained within approved budget spending levels
  • Preparing and updating a multi-year fleet capital plan.
  • Risk Management
  • Managing and directing vehicle accident repairs with a large number of out-source body shop locations which includes:
  • Interfacing with outsource insurance adjusters;
  • Acting as the insurance appraiser;
  • Authorizing additional repair expenses that may not have been captured in the original damage appraisal;
  • Negotiating and establishing preferred body shop labour repair rates (discounted to lower than normal shop rates) for DRP vehicle repairs directly with various body shop owners and managers throughout the Region;
  • Communicating with Region of Durham Insurance Pool on accident-related charges and damage claims.
  • Staff Development
  • Manages, motivates, and leads a team of two supervisors and their direct reports:
  • Establishing performance standards and performing job evaluations;
  • Ensuring that adequate training is provided for staff career development;
  • Hiring decisions, monitoring of team results, and performance management for the employees of Fleet Services and Quartermaster Stores, including disciplinary measure when required;
  • Responsible for building security issues and alarm call-outs for the building location of Fleet and Quartermaster Unit
  • Providing testimony in Court, as required
  • Providing guidance and advice on intake and release of seized and found property for Property Bureau personnel in absence of Property Bureau Sergeant
  • Mentoring of staff members to assist in their skills development.
  • Employee Relations
  • Fostering an environment that welcomes inclusive dialogue within the Service when dealing with employee issues and concerns
  • Assisting the Chief to enhance and maintain a relationship of mutual respect with the DRPA and the SOA
  • Proactively addressing issues as they arise and resolving them. Clear understanding and demonstrated competence in performance management, dealing with discipline issues and workplace harassment in accordance with policy.


Your Qualifications:

  • Education and Specific Qualification
  • Must have a minimum of Bachelors Degree from a recognized university preferably with a minor in Finance or Business.
  • Relevant Experience
  • 10 years demonstrated management experience in fleet/automotive management environment with fleet in excess of 200 vehicles and budgets in the $5 million to $10 million range.
  • Managing, directing, and motivating staff, managing vehicle repairs, new and used vehicle acquisition and disposal, lease acquisition, in shop and out-source vehicle maintenance operations, body shop appraisals and vehicle accident repairs, parts purchasing, and lifecycle costing
  • Forecasting
  • Prior effective experience in the acquisition of goods and materials, Just-in-Time purchasing and delivery
  • Success in implementing improved business processes and systems
  • Experience in resolving interpersonal conflict through coaching and accountability
  • Experience with employee performance development to help meet rapid organizational changes
  • General knowledge of helicopter maintenance.
  • General knowledge of marine maintenance
  • Skills & Abilities
  • Effective leadership and management skills including counseling, coaching, and mentoring peers and staff as well as effective ability to make decisions and delegate duties and responsibilities
  • Highly developed presentation skills in a public context such as Senior Management and Board Meetings.
  • Ability to communicate in politically sensitive contexts.
  • Highly developed problem-solving skills
  • Team player with highly developed interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and oral communications skills, for effective communication of fleet maintenance and equipment issues to staff within the organization and in related organizations
  • Knowledge of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and knowledge of fleet and inventory management software
  • Ability to provide effective leadership in a multiple office location environment. The DRPS has 5 off site locations that have a fleet staff member presence
  • Knowledge
  • Knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act and associated environmental regulations as they relate to fleet operations and management
  • Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Hazardous Materials and the regulations of WHIMIS
  • Knowledge of fleet management and purchasing practices
  • Knowledge of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and knowledge of fleet and inventory management software
  • Knowledge of Transport Canada air safety regulations would be an asset
  • Knowledge of manufacturer product order cycles

Physical and Mental Effort:

  • Negotiating conflict resolutions with external contractors and internal stakeholders on vehicle and equipment issues.
  • Subject to a variety of deadlines. Many deadlines are not predictable. These may result from several requests or during peak periods; must be able to respond effectively to resolve problems and to determine priorities when there are multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Physical activities are light to moderate and frequently include sitting, standing, talking, listening, walking, bending, kneeling, reaching, stretching, lifting, carrying Ex. Retrieving files/information, computer processing/input and walking/driving between units and locations and attending and conducting meetings and presentations.

Working Conditions:


  • Works in a climate-controlled office which may lack privacy and/or be subject to noise distractions, and occasional loud noises as are typical in a garage / warehouse environment where staff work.
  • Driving to and from DRPS locations as well as various out of Region locations. Occasional travel


Our client is committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to providing a workplace which is free from discrimination and harassment. This means that all job applicants, employees and partners will receive equal treatment regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, sex, martial status, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or belief.


For more information contact Adam Creaghan, Senior Consultant at and 647-336-1416


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