A Recruiter’s Perspective on Our Immigration Challenge

Immigration has been talked about a lot lately. It has been cited as a vital ingredient to long-term prosperity in Atlantic Canada in the face of our aging population and shrinking workforce. According to theIvany Report, Nova Scotia is projected to have 100,000 fewer working age people by 2036 than we did in 2010. That’s nearly a 20% decline in our labour pool. Clearly, a successful immigration program is no longer “nice-to-have”, it’s a must.

What is Employer Brand and Why Does it Matter?

Like it or not, every company has a brand. In the traditional marketing sense, a brand is what differentiates one good, product or service from another. A name, design and reputation all shape a brand’s image and the public’s understanding of the value proposition. Similarly, employer brand is the look, feel, and reputation of an employer and it is what current and prospective employees use to evaluate whether or not your company is an attractive place to work. Often, employer brand goes hand-in-hand with consumer brand - but not always.

When it comes to networking, it is all about being connected.

Your next career move could be a connection away. To get you started, here are our top 10 favourite networking tips:

Tackling the Challenges of Rural Recruitment

In Atlantic Canada, a hot topic amongst employers is the difficulty organizations have attracting and retaining top talent. If your business is located in a rural area, that challenge is felt even more acutely. Many of our clients with operations in rural areas site attracting top talent to be there number one challenge.

How to get a Job

Intrigued? I knew that title would grab you. If only it were that simple, that one could follow steps A through to Z and get a job. I will admit that it is a tough economy – there aren’t as many jobs as there are people. That is a reality that may never improve, however there are a few common themes that I have observed from candidates who have successfully landed a great opportunity. Obviously timing and experience play a factor, however here are three tips to get you pointed in the right direction.  

Reverse Networking

In the second installment of my three part series on Networking, I’d like to highlight the tips and advice of District 13 Councillor, Matt Whitman. Matt practices his own unique approach to networking which he calls “Reverse Networking.” The premise of this concept is promoting others rather than promoting oneself.  Matt has had great success in connecting people, which in turn has helped him to create a positive profile and grow his professional and personal network.

Networking 101: Making Impressions

This past month, I had the opportunity to attend a very interesting event put on by FUSION Halifax. It was a professional development session on the topic of networking. Personally, I find that the term “Networking” is overused and misunderstood. The session highlighted the experience and opinions of three industry leaders in our community. They each shared their approach and clarified misconceptions on the art of “connecting with confidence.” Over the next three blogs, I would like to discuss those opinions and share their advice.

Millennial Motivation: Work, Passion and the Pursuit of Happiness

To understand what makes the “Millennial” generation passionate at work, we must first appreciate the source of their motivation. Although many of the attributes of millennials are shared by all generations of workers, I have come to the conclusion that people under 35 (myself included) are driven by three factors: contribution, recognition, and the pursuit of happiness.

Volunteering and your career

Volunteering is a great way to be a part of the community; giving back enriches others' lives and can make you feel pretty great about yourself at the same time. I often recommend volunteering as one option for people who are having difficulty figuring out their career paths. It is a great way to “get your feet wet” with activities you think you might enjoy. Here are a few reasons why volunteering can benefit you, your community and your career.